Women Should Support Women. Always.

Listen ladies, if we’re honest, and we’ve gotta be to move forward and progress, we have to come clean: every single one of us, at one time or another (and probably multiple times) have made a decision to not be nice to other women.


women supporting women


We’ve made assumptions. We've judged. We’ve spread non-truths. Probably because we were jealous. Or we felt like less. We felt threatened. We were insecure. It was our own shit and we made it about her anyway. Because it’s easier to blame others then point fingers at ourselves.


Women put women down. A lot. And it’s not cool. At all. 

Because we need each other. And here’s why:


We get each other.

If you want an ear or a shoulder or some sage advice from someone who’s been there, lived through it, risen above, dug deep, battled hard—befriend a woman. She knows your story already because it's her story too. She is literally wired to be empathetic. To literally take on our pain as hers if you need her to and even if you don’t. Your worry is her worry. She knows your joy and she knows your anguish.  She’s been through shit, just like you. We are deeply connected at a cellular level, and it’s time we surrender to our energetic magnetism. We belong together.


A gang of girls is unstoppable.

Women are remarkable, resilient, strong, durable, unwavering in their loyalty. A collective of women and of these traits is exponentially incredible. We are virtually unstoppable and utterly formidable as a pack. There is strength in numbers. And supporting one woman, supports all women. It’s a domino effect, baby.


The things that make us different make us better

Women compare themselves to other women all the damn time. It’s exhausting. And we feel like a pile of shit when we’re done. Of course, the alternative would be to cheer for each other and celebrate our unique bests. Because being around incredible women will make you better. 

We are sisters, whether you like it or not.

You don’t need to share DNA to be sisters. If you’re a woman, half this world is your sisterhood. Imagine if you tapped into all that X-chromosome magic instead of cutting it at the knees? It’s unwavering support and unquestionable devotion. Sisters are family. And family doesn’t waver in tough times. If you want to navigate a storm, have sisters. They’ll steady your boat—100 times out of 100. 

It feels good.

Tear down other women and feel like a steaming pile of shit. 
Lift other women up and feel amazing and empowered.
Those are your choices. The latter is roses and sunshine, sister. 
Let’s do what feels good. And let’s walk off into the sunset together. Strong. United. Happy.

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