We bring girls together in the wild to learn how to love and respect the heck outta themselves.

And we do it all for free.

We cover ALL the costs by selling really cool adventure apparel, partnering with rad sponsors, and accepting donations from really nice people and organizations.

Our 2020 Camps are postponed

We made the heart-wrenching decision to postpone our camp this year. It's a hard decision, and it's the right thing to do in these wild times.

But we have some good news:

  1. We will honour ALL 2020 applications in 2021. No questions.
  2. We will have MORE camps in 2021. And they will be so rad.
  3. We are here for ALL of you. Contact us if you need an ear. For real.

We're not gonna stop until all self-identifying girls are done with self-loathing. For good.

This is just a mere bump in our road. And bumps never stopped us before.

Stay well. Keep on.

With so much love and heaps of thanks,

This isn’t a sing kumbaya and make paper maché kinda camp.

We bring teenage girls from all over North America to a remote location in the Canadian Pacific Northwest to work through some tough stuff and leave feelin’ strong, empowered, and free. We do it because being a girl is hard sometimes. We know because we are women who were girls once. And we struggled. A lot.

At camp, we are gonna slay the struggle together—8 teenage girls and 4 strong female leaders. And we’re going to participate in some fun stuff, some hard stuff, some silly stuff, some quiet stuff.

  • Goal setting
  • Hiking
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Journaling
  • Body confidence
  • Summit dancing
  • Climbing
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Nutrition
  • Swimming
  • Sexual health
  • And. So. Much. More.

There’s going to be hooting and hollering, woohooing, too. There’ll be crying and laughing, hugging and dancing.

This is a sisterhood. We are a team from day one. We don’t tolerate judgment or bullying (do it, and you’ll be going home—on your dime). We going to do the stuff we fear together. We’re going to cheer each other on and life each other up. It’s going to be exciting and invigorating and scary sometimes too. There will be lots of high fives. Like skabillions of high fives.

Camp is FREE. No catch.

Everything from the moment you walk onto our bus in Vancouver, BC.
It's free. All of it.

Travel to and from Kaslo, BC.

Food. You’ll eat like queens. Vegan queens in the wild.

Lodging. We’re living it up on a mountaintop at the Mount Carlyle Lodge.

Amazing mentors. We hired the coolest, bravest, smartest, badass-est women to lead, educate, and inspire.

All the fun—we do lots of really cool stuff in a week.

Meet your fearless leaders:


Kim founded Girl In The Wild because she is a girl in the wild. Legitimately. She stinkin’ loves to get sweaty before breakfast and watch the sunrise on mountaintops. Some call her crazy, and they’re a little bit right. But she’s the good kind. She climbs, hikes, and runs ultramarathons. She has a lot of bruises and scars and stories of adventure. And she believes that hanging out with a small gang of your best girls in a wild place doing hard things that seem impossible but really aren’t is the best way to realize what you are capable of. Which, in case you don’t know already, is ALL things.


Marlaina gave up a big paycheque and a promising career as an Engineer to climb mountains and rocks and live in a tiny home and be a queen bee kind of adventurer. She’s a mountain adventure guide and a certified climbing instructor and pretty much the best teacher of all things that we have ever met. Mega patient, ultra kind, super funny, totally calm in crazy situations. She’s the kind of adventure buddy every girl wants to have. So we’re sharing her with you. You’re welcome.


Kiley believes that adventure brings out the best in her (we agree—it totally does!) and that it has the capacity to do the same for others. She’s a firm believer that every girl is born with innate gifts and talents and when given the opportunity to recognize and celebrate who they really are, they’ll no doubt live a truly inspired life. Kiley is a big vision kinda girl who loves hyper-detailed spreadsheets and problem-solving, which makes her the perfect woman to bring our camps to life. If you hear the biggest, wildest, most from-the-heart laugh from somewhere deep in the forest, it’s her. Guaranteed.


Bobbi is a documentary photographer, lover of four-legged friends, and trail runner. She’s super strong, which makes her a great person to have around if you need a piggy back or a hug. Otherwise, she’ll just be part of the scenery, documenting all the little things that make up the big things we want to remember.