What strong looks like

Since when was Strong a look? An aesthetic? Equated with muscle definition, six pack abs, and bulging biceps? Sure, these visuals may make someone strong (and, girl, if you've got a six pack we know you've earned it so congrats!). But Strong is so much more than a nice set of quads and triceps without wings.


Strong woman



Strong is physical. 


Strong is pure gumption. It's not a stomach that doesn't fold. Or a cellulite-free ass. Strong is pure grit no matter what size your pants are.

It's your body's ability to show up in the clutch and against all odds and deliver.

Can you take the stairs? You're strong.

Can you lift the weight? You're Strong.

Can you summit the mountain? Strong!

Can you run the 5k? Strong!

Can you walk it? Also Strong!

Hold the pose? Strong!

Get out of bed when you just don't feel like it? So damn Strong.

You get the idea.


Gina here can deadlift 400lbs—4-0-0-P-O-U-N-D-S!! And her shirt didn't rip open dramatically a la Incredible Hulk and she has never fit into a size medium. And she is really fucking Strong. I mean, look at those quads in her Girl In The Wild Adventure Leggings (size 18, thank you very much). Holy hell—she could probably pull a truck. So don't ever count her out.



Strong is emotional.


Strong is synonymous with vulnerability. #Truefact

Strong is asking for help when you need it and offering it to others when you don't.

It's crying if you feel like it and have zero apologies for that.

Strong is choosing to rest and it's choose to lead the charge. It just depends on the day.

Strong is facing fear and walking with it through fire because you know you can. 

And Strong is reaching out for a supportive hand when you fall. Because men the bravest warriors struggle.



Strong is intellectual.


Strong is choosing kindness when it's easier to choose contempt.
Strong is standing up for what you believe in, even when it's not popular. Especially when it's not popular. 
It's picking up someone else's litter because it's the right thing to do and it's giving your time, even though you're so very busy, to people, pets, planet, whatever you care about because you know that service to others lifts you up. 
Strong is a mindset.
It's knowing that even when your brain says you can't, that you actually can. 
Strong is doing the hard work. 
It's pushing through discomfort to earn the prize. To achieve the goal. To be better.
Strong is sharing wisdom and educating youth. 
Strong is leading with love.


The lesson here is a simple one: We are all strong.


Strong is not just the fitness model on the cover of Shape Magazine with a six pack and 3% body fat. She is absolutely Strong. And you better believe she earned that muscle definition. And that girl does not deserve our jealousy or animosity, but our respect. And, she is not representative of ALL the types of Strong. 
If you are moving forward, putting out positive vibes, overcoming challenge, jumping hurdles, healing old wounds, being kind, and putting one foot in front of the other to show up a little bit better today than you were yesterday—you are Strong. And that's a fact.

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