When is the next camp?

July 2023. Stay tuned! 

How can I apply for camp?

Camp applications for 2023 go live on our website at the March 15, 2023. If you are 15-17 years old, you can apply via our online portal.


Why is the camp free?

Because we believe that confidence is a right for ALL girls and non-binary or genderqueer humans. And we're not fans of barriers. So it's free. And that's that. Sign up for our newsletter to get notified!


What happens at camp?

A lot of great things. We do some really fun and wild and challenging physical things like traversing boulder fields, learning to climb, trekking over mountain passes and into beautiful valleys to some remote alpine lakes that we can swim in (and make mud masks from!) We also have really vulnerable conversations about really hard things like negative self talk, body image, mental health, comparison, and all the stuff we're struggling with. And we have uplifting conversations too about dreams and goals and change and possibility. We do yoga outdoors at sunrise every morning. And we meditate under the stars at night. We dance. We eat plant-based food. We cook together. We laugh and cry and succeed and fail together. We hug. We push our limits. Basically, we do things we thought we couldn't do and we talk about stuff that's been hard to talk about in a safe and non-judgemental place and we share stories and experiences and choose to rise together. Every camp is a little different because the youth who come each year make it what it is. 



What are Girl in the Wild tanks and tees made from?

Hemp and organic cotton. We decided at our inception that as a company rooted in both feminism and environmental stewardship, we could not in good conscience create a clothing line out of traditional chemical- and plastic-laden fabrics. Gross. 


At the moment, hemp is the most sustainable fabric. It doesn't require pesticides to produce (Insects and plants say Hallelujah!). It grows easily in most climates and is a super strong fibre that is also fully biodegradable. (Bam!).


We blend it with organic cotton—also pesticide-free—to create a soft, breathable, ultra comfy wearable.


Why aren't your clothes cheaper?

Because we paid a lot to do it right and respectfully. They’re not made overseas. And they’re not made of chemicals and plastics. Zero plastic content. They're also made to order. So we don't purchase in bulk. Plus, they're amazing—in quality and design. Literally infused with love. Andrew buy in super duper small quantities because we don't want to be wasteful with overstock AND we're a non-profit so... we kinda don't have a big budget at all to purchase apparel en masse.


They're not cheap because our Girl In The Wild camps are funded 100% by apparel sales. We want these experiences to be forever free. And for our clothes to be forever kind to Mother Nature. This costs money.


We also ascribe to the philosophy that less is more. Have a few really nice things that you love (our clothes are MEGA loveable) and buy less shit (like $15 Tees that are for sure toxic.)


Who manufactures your apparel?

Our tanks and tees are manufactured by Novel Supply Co. from North Vancouver, BC. This innovative urban adventure fashion house uses fabric supplied by a U.S.-based company with a China-based mill. The mill is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation which verifies and ensures they are following the code of labour practices.


Our leggings are manufactured by Bewildher, from Squamish, BC. A fair-wage fitness apparel company that empowers women to be wilder. They also donate $1 from every pair of the leggings they sell on their website to Girl In The Wild. So amazing. All heart.


Do you have apparel for men and women?

You bet! Our Tanks and Tees are purposefully gender neutral with a relaxed fit. Breathability, baby! All humans look fab in them. If you like your clothes a little more form fitting, go with a size down. If you like things comfy and airy, your regular size should do the trick.



Tell me about the return policy?

We like happy people. So if you’re unhappy, email Kim directly at kim@girlinthewild.ca We'll do our best to make it right.


Where are you located?

Our headquarters are in a tiny mountain town in the heart of British Columbia, Canada called Golden. A true gem of a place. However, our camps are all over British Columbia and (hopefully soon) Canada.