We couldn’t call ourselves true adventurists if we sold clothes made of crappy stuff. So we don’t.


    We spent a year researching environmentally-respectful fashion. Turns out, there’s not a lot of it. Fashion is a pretty gross industry all around. And we refuse to support the gross part of it.


    So we didn’t. Instead, decided to collaborate with local, sustainable clothing manufacturers. So far, we're collaborating with these two:

    1. Novel Supply Co—a sustainable clothing manufacturer that actually cares as much as we do. So much so that Kaya, the owner, was awarded the Young Champion of the Earth prize from the United Nations. (She’s all heart. And Novel Supply Co is all good things.)

      NOVEL makes our adventure tanks and tees without compromising the health and wellness of our forests, natural water sources, and the air we breathe. Yes!

    2. BeWildHer—A Squamish, BC-based slow-fashion activewear company started by one badass woman (Nadine!) who ensures that all of her leggings—including our Adventure Leggings—are created from three core values: To be as eco-friendly, ethical and green as possible. Plus, BeWildHer gives back, plants trees, and lobbies for fair wages, too.


    We promise our products will always be these three things 


    1. LOCAL
      Close by means that we not only support the community we live in but we also reduce environmental footprints by not requiring overseas and long-distance shipping. Plus, we can go for adventures with our suppliers. And that’s rad.
      We are committed to creating apparel that doesn’t hurt the world. Which means, we partner with vendors who offer clothing manufactured with sustainable methods and using natural and/or recycled fabrics.
    3. AMAZING

      We don’t cut corners on the environment and we don’t cut them on design and fabric either. You’re gonna wanna live in our stuff—comfy, versatile, mega cool.


    We’re looking to expand our line


    If you’re an environmentally forward-thinking clothing manufacturer who wants to partner with us to bring the most fabulous and conscious trucker hats, toques, and long underwear to fruition for our Girl In The Wild crew, email kim@girlinthewild.ca. We love earth-friendly collaborations.