Adventure Leggings


Adventure Leggings



High-waisted leggings made of recycled polyester? Yes please!


We partnered with BeWildHer to create mega comfy, super versatile, recycled leggings that look fab and feel fab. The design is adventure, baby. Mountains and tents and sun and rain and all the good stuff you love about the outdoors.


The compression fabric is super flattering and there's a camel-toe-free fit in the crotch. Can we get a high five?!


Keep the waistband up or fold it down. There's a grippy internal elastic that keeps it alllll in place. Plus, there's a pocket for your cellphone that's big enough for an Android, baby! So you don't have to tuck your device into your bra and sweat all over it anymore.


How it fits:

  • These fit high-waisted to the smallest part of the waist. 
  • The material is so light and stretchy it's like you're not wearing pants. For real!
  • These puppies won't slide down when you squat—which means, no plumber's butt, baby!


What it's made of:
300gsm mid-weight 88% recycled polyester / 12% spandex compression


The good ol' "white t-shirt effect"

We printed our Girl In The Wild pattern onto white material, which means that when s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d, it can be see through. We recommend wearing a solid nude-coloured undergarment because darker, brighter and patterned undergarments may show through. Then again, if you dig that, go for it! Be you!



Size 2 
Waist: 23-25    Hips: 33-35    Inseam: 30 7/8

Size 4 
Waist: 25-27    Hips: 35-37    Inseam: 31 1/4

Size 6 
Waist: 27-29   Hips: 37-39    Inseam: 31 5/8

Size 8
Waist: 29-31    Hips: 39-41    Inseam: 32

Size 10
Waist: 31-33    Hips: 41-43    Inseam: 32 3/8

Size 12 
Waist: 33-35    Hips: 43-45    Inseam: 32 3/4

Size 14 
Waist: 35-37    Hips: 45-47    Inseam: 33 1/8

Size 16 
Waist: 37-39    Hips: 47-49    Inseam: 33 1/2

Size 18 
Waist: 39-41    Hips: 49-51    Inseam: 33 7/8